1. Cielo Country Inn.

This is our flagship Project with 22 tourist hotel rooms with an ecotourism brand. We are green.
We conserve the environment. The hotel has a community support angle especially towards
underprivileged children.

2. Skilling in agripreneurship for increased youth employment

Since 2021, Cielo Ecofarm has been a partner of AVSI Foundation in Youth Agribusiness Skilling. The Skilling program is practical and leads to obtaining a competence certificate offered by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) of the Uganda Ministry of Education.

The training is modular and covers all the key elements of production, processing and marketing for various Agribusinessses.

For more information about Agribusiness offers please email

Agribusiness Skilling Center is complete with training hall and a low cost hostel with individualized self contained rooms for trainees

3.Cielo Dairy Ecofarm.

The farm has zero grazing
project. We have a few cows but are high milkers. Our target is to improve the breeds ourselves to arrive at 200 litres per day from only 8 cows with an income target of shs 60 million per year.
We will grow with acquisition of more land for cultivation adequate forage.

4. Fresh water Fish Farming.

We have a total 6 fish ponds. We target harnessing 5,000 fish heads per harvest. With 2 harvests in year, we target 10,000 fish heads with an estimated income of Shs 50 million per year.

5. Cielo Eco Honey.

We rear Bees. Currently we have an apiary with a capacity of 50 bee hives. Our plan is to grow these to 200 hives with a target of 2,000 liters generating an approximate
income Shs 70 million per year.


Some of indigenous chicken reared for their nutritious yellow yoke eggs and also for Agritourism


This is our roadside Agribusiness/Agritourism Promotion Point.

Our main market.

+ We target the DRC export market for our fish via Mpondwe Boarder post
+ Uganda local market for our dairy and honey projects (Our hotel and estates being the first market. Our coffee terrace restaurant is a key sales point to travelers)
+ International and National Travelers for tourists and corporate projects for our hotel projects
+ Milk and honey are targeting the local market with our own hotel being the first market at the restaurant and Coffee Terrace point travelers, our estates project. Cielo Business House also provides market for our farm products.

Community Development and Environment Protection - Our Business model

+ Our project especially the Fish farm, Dairy Zero grazing farm and Honey Farm provide employment to the local community.
+ We also use these projects to skill the community around us especially the youth. We partner with projects involved in entrepreneurship and skills development to promote sustainable enterprise development projects
+ Our projects are all eco and green to contribute to environment conservation.
+ The hotel supports projects for underprivileged communities especially children ( education and health areas)

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